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Welcome to the SDHSRA Online Entry app! Before you get started make sure you have:

  • Completed your member registration for both NHSRA & SDHSRA. If your name is not on the membership list at, membership, you may not enter and it is too late to become a member this year.
  • Set up a Venmo or PayPal account if you do not have one.                                             This is the only way to pay your Regional Rodeo Entry Fees.                                           Fees can only be paid by the following methods in these specific regions:                                                                                                     
  • East region - Venmo @EastRegion-Rodeo   Paypal with
  • Northwest region - Venmo @NWRegionRodeo   Paypal with
  • River region - Venmo @RIVER-REGION-RODEO
  • Southwest region - Venmo @SWRodeo
      For Practice Rodeos - You will NOT pay the Region Secretaries, but will instead pay that Practice Rodeo Secretary -
     - New Underwood 1 and 2 - payment is taken by Venmo to @dfulton47
Now... Let's Enter a Rodeo!
  • Type your members name below and select them by clicking the cowboy hat next to your name. Click select.
  • Next, select the rodeo you want to enter (note: you MUST enter in the region you are in or have previously been approved to compete in a Regional Rodeo)
  • Pick the correct rodeo and region for the Regional Rodeo
  • Pick the Practice Rodeo you are entering if it is a Practice Rodeo